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Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester

Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester About this Course Become a white hat hacker and learn all the practical techniques for penetration testing with this amazing course which will provide conceptual framework to your security training. The course not only covers theoretical concepts but cover the practical demonstrations of various tools like Metasploit , Scapy and WireShark. The course is divided into the following main sections: Ethical Hacking Concepts -What is Ethical Hacking? Know about different types of hackers. Get to know about hacktivism and practical pen testing techniques Real World Information Gathering -Learn about foot printing and reconnaissance, Email harvesting, Learn and master SSL scan, Maltego, Whatweb, HttpRecon. Work on techniques like IP address geolocation, DNS and Mail Server Enumeration Scanning and Vulnerability Gathering -Learn to use scapy for packet crafting and port scanning, Learn to use network scanning techniques and work on vulnerability

Learn C# and make a videogame with Unity 2020

Learn C# and make a videogame with Unity 2020 What you'll learn Understand the fundamentals of programming such as the creation of variables, decision operators, iteration, collections, classes and objects. Understand how a computer program works, the stages and aspects of which it consists and its life cycle. Create and understand C # scripts for Unity. Interact with the videogame screen through the keyboard, moving the character, making him jump Program video games for Unity 5, including aspects such as Game Design, HUD, game dynamics and views. Description Welcome to Learn C# and make a videogame with Unity 2020 : beginner to pro. If you are here, it is probably because you like video games and want to learn how to make your own video games. In addition, it is likely that you know how to draw pictures, design your own characters, your enemies, animations, scenarios, have thought out game mechanics, ... but you lack one thing: KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM! You don't have t