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Lean Six Sigma Introduction Specialist

Lean Six Sigma Introduction Specialist About this Course What really is Six Sigma? Where and how did it originate? What do we mean by Lean Six Sigma? What is Quality? There are so many questions that everyone should know before diving into understanding every single Six Sigma tool and technique. Keeping this view of giving you a detailed Introduction to Lean Six Sigma and making you a specialist at this introduction, we have created this program – The Lean Six Sigma Introduction Specialist. About the Instructor The World's Favorite, AIGPE training and certification, are regarded as benchmark of Corporate Excellence. Achievement of AIGPE certification is the most powerful way to build your career. It not only provides you an international recognition and prestige, but also a competitive advantage in this fast paced globalized world. Each of the dedicated trainers at AIGPE have following qualification: Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certified Six Sigma Black Belt L

Google Data Studio Complete Beginners to Advanced Tutorial

Google Data Studio Complete Beginners to Advanced Tutorial What you'll learn Know about Google Data Studio as an Enterprise Level BI tool How to use Google Data Studio to create Interactive and Beautiful Dashboards How to connect to various Data Sources with Live Examples All the Chart Types in Google Data Studio like Bar, Time Series, Geo Maps, Scatter Plots etc and how to configure each of them Sharing Reports as is, as Customized bookmarks or as Templates Embedding external content like Websites in your Report, and also embedding your report in your Website with Live Example. Add Action Controls like Dropdowns, Sliders and other Filter controls in your report to add user interactivity How to Blend data from different Tables to bring together to create one report Create Tricky Calculated Fields and Parameters Advanced Features like REGEX_EXP (Regular Expressions) Using Community Visualizations and Built in Templates to get your working report ready quickly. Best Chart