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American English Pronunciation for Beginners

Description Are you struggling with your English pronunciation? Do you have a strong accent when speaking English? Do native speakers always ask you to repeat yourself? Do you want to begin speaking with an American accent confidently? Do you what tips and help with speaking with an American accent? I welcome you to this - “ American English Pronunciation Training -  course where I will patiently guide you through the basic techniques you need to pronounce English sounds correctly. This course will guide you through the basics of correct American pronunciation and help you learn how to make the sounds of standard American English with confidence. STUDENTS WHO LOVED THIS COURSE Xiaolin Yu  says “The content is exquisite, the focus is prominent, the picture is meticulous, and the information is rich. The teacher was very kind, and I would soon look for the teacher's other courses, keep in touch with the teacher, and recommend it to my friend.” Fabiola Suarez  says “This c

Information Security Basics for IT Support Technicians

Requirements To be an IT Support Technician with at least 1-2 years of professional experience Description Over this course, we'll be covering some of the basics surrounding information security, and what you need to know in order to be compliant with most of the world's data protection policies, as well as some of the different ways in which data can be secured. Course topics include the following: * Physical and logical security and the relevant methods with which this can be achieved. * Auditing and accountability so that any actions are monitored and tracked. * Data retention policies so that data is only held for as long as it is needed. * File and folder permissions to help keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands * Activity logs and alerts to help identify any security threats and prevent future ones. * Dealing with external staff and contractors, who can often start working for an organisation on short notice * Data protection and compliance and