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Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester

Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester About this Course Become a white hat hacker and learn all the practical techniques for penetration testing with this amazing course which will provide conceptual framework to your security training. The course not only covers theoretical concepts but cover the practical demonstrations of various tools like Metasploit , Scapy and WireShark. The course is divided into the following main sections: Ethical Hacking Concepts -What is Ethical Hacking? Know about different types of hackers. Get to know about hacktivism and practical pen testing techniques Real World Information Gathering -Learn about foot printing and reconnaissance, Email harvesting, Learn and master SSL scan, Maltego, Whatweb, HttpRecon. Work on techniques like IP address geolocation, DNS and Mail Server Enumeration Scanning and Vulnerability Gathering -Learn to use scapy for packet crafting and port scanning, Learn to use network scanning techniques and work on vulnerability

Beat Procrastination in Turbulent Covid Era

Beat Procrastination in Turbulent Covid Era What you'll learn How to beat Procrastination and manage time; This is very much relevant in these turbulent times Requirements Willingness to Change Description Procrastination is one of the principle boundaries obstructing you from getting up, settling on the correct choices, and carrying on with the fantasy life you've considered. Ongoing investigations have shown that individuals regret more the things they haven't done than the things they have done. Furthermore, sensations of disappointment and blame coming about because of botched freedoms will in general remain with individuals any longer. Some of the time every one of our chances appear to be on our fingertips, however we can't contact them. At the point when you delay, you sit around idly that you could be putting resources into something significant. On the off chance that you can conquer this savage foe, you will actually want to achieve more and in imp

Management Consulting Skills Mastery

Management Consulting Skills Mastery What you'll learn Gain a well-rounded consulting techniques. This program is taught by industry professionals who have real-world experience to bring to the table. Explore the techniques and frameworks for problem solving to dominate your upcoming interview and land your dream consulting job Participate in management consulting engagement to apply the consulting skills you learn in a real-world situation Master consulting presentation skills that makes an impact Learn how to develop your corporate strategy Conduct a market analysis for your company and business Learn the steps to an effective financial statement analysis Learn how to deliver operations analysis to find out how your operation is working Understand proven communication strategies for management consultants Master steps to developing effective consulting slides Learn leadership skills for a management consultant Learn useful time management tips and techniques for consu

Mastering The Interview

Mastering The Interview What you'll learn Understanding the Interview Informational Interview Getting Ready for Interview Learn Types of Questions Requirements Open mindedness No experience required Description The interview is one of the key elements of the job search process. As with any skill, we can get better at it with preparation and practice. So in this course, you will explore how to prepare for an interview and become familiar with the types of questions to expect, as well as the questions you should think about asking. Some people are natural at selling themselves to hiring managers. Others aren’t. Either way, you’ve already put in a ton of effort, so you might as well take steps to rock your interview, right? Turn Talents into Keywords Your talents are the best place to begin thinking about job search targets. Make a list of your interests, natural talents, academic strengths and skills you have learned through your experiences. Review specific job postings