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Learn HTML5 Programming By Building Projects

Learn HTML5 Programming By Building Projects About this Course In order to master a technique in web development or any artistic field, the best approach is one that's hands-on. This allows you to not only learn concepts, but also apply them right away to build your own projects from scratch. That's why this course guides you through the process of actually creating a variety of games, apps, and sites using HTML5 and JavaScript. Master HTML5 and JavaScript, starting with the creation of 10 apps and games. •  HTML5 and JavaScript, Including Semantic Markup and Boilerplate Framework •  CSS3 Media Queries and Responsive Design •  JQuery, Fancybox, APIs, and More •  10 Hands-On Projects, Including Games and Apps Use HTML5 and JavaScript to Create a Variety of Projects Not all sites and apps use HTML5 yet, but the ones that do are advanced and cutting edge, and this is the way of the future in web design and app development. Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other tools

How to Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending

What you'll learn How to use cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase / Coinbase Pro How to lend Bitcoin using 3rd party websites to generate passive income How to set up a business PayPal account How to purchase Bitcoin using limit orders and without fees How to automate the entire system so you can do the things you love while you earn money passively and automatically Requirements You need a stable internet connection You need a laptop, computer or smart device You need a Bank Account with $100 to invest into the system You need to be able to set up a fresh new PayPal account You need some technical computer skills Description Passive Income Course Covering Everything You Need To Passively Earn Money From Bitcoin Lending! ****************************************************************************************** Discover How to Make Passive Income Online Using A 6-Step Bitcoin Lending System: -  A step-by-step video for each of the  6-Steps in the Automated System ! -  

Accounting, Financial Accounting

Accounting, Financial Accounting What you'll learn Understand bookkeeping records Build a Balance Sheet Build an Income Statement Understand the accounting equation and the principle of double entry ACCRUALS AND PREPAYMENTS METHODS OF CALCULATING DEPRECITION INTERPRETATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Requirements No prior knowledge of accounting is assumed or needed Description Hello there and welcome to the Best support Financial Accounting Course on Udemy (Learn Finance and Accounting the Easy Way)! I am gonna take you right the way through out the course so you'll see my course will help you understand underlying principles and concepts relating to financial accounting and technical proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques including the preparation of the basic financial statements. After taking this course you will understand how to create, analyze and forecast an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Preparing trial balance an

Cryptocurrencies: complet practical course on crypto trading

What you'll learn you will be able to trade on different cryptocurrencies trading plateforms You will be able to differentiate good ICO and Bad ICO Spot differents cryptocurrencies that are scams Requirements You have to be ready to start trading cryptocurrencies You don't need to know everything on cryptocurrencies (this course will help you with that) You need to have a certain tolerance to risk (cryptocurrencies trading is very risky) Description Have you witnessed all the profits that have been made by the various cryptocurrencies without knowing how to profit from them? Reassure yourself, it will not happen to you anymore. this course was created in order to allow everyone to know how it is possible to integrate the market of cryptocurrencies and it is accessible to all! At the end of the course, you will not only be able to buy your first cryptocurrency but you will also have a good base on how to trade or invest in this market. Who this course is for: Anyone

Excel - Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced [2021]

Requirements The course was recorded with Microsoft Excel 2019 which is similar to Office 365 Excel version Most features work in Excel 2010/2013/2016 or I show you alternative Description In this special  Microsoft Excel - Excel From Beginner to Advanced  course you can learn the most important features of Excel focusing on data visualization and productivity. I'm using the version  Microsoft Excel 2019  which is similar to  Office 365 Excel , but the course is 90-95% compatible with  Ms Excel 2010, 2013, 2016  versions. If you're a beginner, in the first section you can learn  Excel basics in 30 minutes . Topics covered in the  30-min   Getting Started With Excel  lecture: quick overview of the user interface how to save your excel worksheet drag & drop gesture excel rows, columns, cells how to move between cells quickly excel data entry excel data types excel formulas & references excel operators how to select cells, ranges, columns, rows in excel copy &a