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American English Pronunciation for Beginners

Description Are you struggling with your English pronunciation? Do you have a strong accent when speaking English? Do native speakers always ask you to repeat yourself? Do you want to begin speaking with an American accent confidently? Do you what tips and help with speaking with an American accent? I welcome you to this - “ American English Pronunciation Training -  course where I will patiently guide you through the basic techniques you need to pronounce English sounds correctly. This course will guide you through the basics of correct American pronunciation and help you learn how to make the sounds of standard American English with confidence. STUDENTS WHO LOVED THIS COURSE Xiaolin Yu  says “The content is exquisite, the focus is prominent, the picture is meticulous, and the information is rich. The teacher was very kind, and I would soon look for the teacher's other courses, keep in touch with the teacher, and recommend it to my friend.” Fabiola Suarez  says “This c

Learn To Draw Anime Manga Characters For Beginners

What you'll learn Drawing anime character with easiest method Shading ,blend and coloring Using geometrical shapes while drawing Draw anime character face and different styles of eyes Body anatomy for male and female Character emotions Requirements Pen and paper Description "Learn To Draw Anime And Manga With Easiest Method Using Geometrical Shapes" Hello. I designed this course for you to learn anime and manga drawing with the easiest and fastest way. We will learn about: Use  geometrical shapes  while drawing ( We will understand the power of triangle , circle and square ) Shading  basics Coloring  basics Draw anime  character face ( We will talk about different types of the anime eyes and you will able to draw different styles ) Body  anatomy  for male and female Character  poses  basics Character  emotions Lineart And  more! At the end of the videos, I've included  resources  for you to learn this lesson effectively. At the end of the course, we will m

Masterclass: Drawing, Design & Creativity with Color Pencil

Requirements No prior knowledge needed Colored pencils (no specific brand required) Pastels (not mandetory) Solvent Drawing Paper (smooth surface) Motivation to learn! Description After my previous course’s success, with over 10,000 students and 716 5-star reviews, I am now launching a new course for everyone to master a new medium - color pencil and pastels. It will change the way you see your drawings and designs - it’s time to start feeling confident picking up your pencil and paper. There is no prior knowledge needed, this course is adapted for beginner to advanced levels. This masterclass of drawing, design and creativity with color pencil and pastels will teach you everything you need to know to master your color pencil drawings. It will give you the skills and confidence you need to start creating artworks you feel proud of. With this 21h on-demand HD tutorial video course, we will take you from having little or no knowledge, to creating professional advanced art in

How to Draw 101: SHADING BASICS & Shadow Drawing Exercises

Requirements a pencil + some office papers no previous drawing knowledge is required Description In this  beginner drawing course  you can  learn one of the most useful, rewarding and exciting drawing skills  called  shading or rendering . Understand how light & shadow work on different surfaces in order to create depth on you artworks. Whatever technique you prefer -  sketching, drawing or painting  - understanding  how shadows are created  is crucial for  creating a believable illusion of reality (3D) . In this course I'll show you the  basics , as well as some of the  advanced techniques of shading  which you can use to create both  simplistic and realistic drawings . We will go  from simple to more complex forms step by step . What previous drawing experience do you need? Some  basic drawing skills  would be useful, but  not mandatory  for this course. I designed the lessons in a way that you can also benefit from it with  very little or zero previous drawing ex

How to Draw 101: BASIC DRAWING SKILLS & Sketching Exercises

Requirements no previous drawing knowledge or special drawing tools are necessary Description This is the first episode of my  How to Draw Series . This course is about  Basic Drawing Skills and 3D Sketching . If you are an  absolute beginner at drawing , this session can be a  perfect choice for your very first drawing course . Or if you are not a beginner, but you are having difficulties with your drawings, you are just probably missing some of the basic puzzles which can be easily fixed in these lessons. This course requires no previous drawing knowledge or special drawing equipment. We'll be drawing with simple traditional graphite pencil on ordinary paper. The  first section  is kind of an introduction to drawing. I will show you the drawing tools you need optional tools for the future how to hold the pencil to get a better drawing experience how to  see the world with the eyes of the artist In the  second section  we will go through the basic building blocks of dr

Portrait Drawing 101 - Pencil Drawing Course for Beginners

Requirements paper + pencil + sharpener + eraser or alternatively a digital drawing tool (e.g. iPad + Apple Pencil) motivation and desire to learn to draw Description In this 5.5-hour  portrait drawing course  I will teach you step by step  how to draw  your first  impressing portrait with a pencil . No previous drawing knowledge is necessary. This drawing course is for beginners. Most people think that drawing a human portrait is extremely difficult. Actually, it's just a myth. If there is desire in you, you will learn this stuff. Believe it or not,  art  is not the privilege of the few, it is more like a set of skills that you can learn. Even if you draw like a 4-year old kid now, it will change dramatically in a few days. Portraiture is a great thing, because once you draw you first pencil portrait, it will make you believe that you are able to learn to draw anything. What drawing tools you need If you have just  a traditional graphite pencil and some copy papers , t